VR Kitchen Training


An environment designed to simulate being at home in your kitchen doing daily activities. Patients can perform various activities by interacting with the objects such as: making coffee, arranging groceries, etc. The environment offers a unique user interface and a calibration function that allows the user to define the interaction space based on their physical capabilities. Therapists can monitor the activities on the monitor display and coordinate the patients ́ interaction with the objects. Moreover, the system is tracking the patients ́ progress. At the end of each session therapists have the option of visualizing and extracting documentation regarding the patients 'progress.

Why should i use it?

Reduced documentation time

Precise monitoring and patients performance

Increased focus on observing and aiding the patient

12.4% improvement in fine motor skill function

Increased motivation

Simulating living independently

Error-free learning enviroment

Reduced cost for neurorehabilitation with up to 26%

How does it work?


VR Plug and Play + VR Kitchen Training

We install it, train the therapists to use it and offer support

Training sessions

Check assessment and progress