VR Plug&Play System


Virtual Reality high-end experiences can involve bulky hardware and time-consuming setups. To make sure that you get the best VR experience with minimal effort we have built VR Plug&Play System.


The VR Plug&Play System is a user-friendly designed furniture resembling a medical cart with all the necessary VR hardware included: a high-end VR ready laptop, a VR headset, and controllers. It is highly mobile, easy to clean and maintain, and it requires low technical skills to set up. With a simple press of a button, the hardware is ready to use and the patient can enjoy the VR experience right away. Our hardware solution complies with clinical regulations and includes safety and cleaning procedures.

VirKit - Training daily activities


Rehabilitation starts in the hospital and continues at home. We give therapists an opportunity to observe in-patients in a home-like environment before they are required to return to their homes.


VirKit is our first VR app for rehabilitation. The app resembles a home-like environment where the users are required to perform daily activities such as making coffee, toasting bread, watering plants, baking a cake and many others. The activities are meant to train both physical and cognitive skills, with a focus on transferability, allowing the patients to replicate the VR interactions in real life. VirKit has been designed together with physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

Platform and services


It is important for us that our customers have an easy access and overview for all the VR rehabilitation components. To ensure this we are building a desktop client that enhances all of our services.


Our desktop client gives fast access to the VR apps as well as your data. Through our desktop client, a user is able to purchase new apps, cancel the subscription to apps, visualize progress per patient, per therapist or per clinic in a specified time frame. The desktop client gives easy access to support and updates. Two of our primary features are:

Patient-Adapted VRR (virtual reality rehabilitation) is a unique feature that makes the virtual environment compliant to patients’ abilities meaning that each part of the training session is customized to perfectly fit the patients’ physical and cognitive abilities.

Performance and Analysis is a core feature allowing users to check patients’ progress. The data is displayed shows progress in percentages from one training session to another. Clinics can see the measured recovery process as an overall, per therapists or per patients.

Value for Rehabilitation

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