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In the magazine Helse was an article about our VirKit used in practice by patients and therapists (in Danish).

Article in the magazine Helse


Our CDO featured as 'Founder of the Month' in womenintechdk.

Womenintech and VR Rehab


DR took interest in our product VirKit and made an article about it (in Danish).

Article from DR


Techtruster made an article about how VR Rehab can help with rehabilitation of brain injury (in Danish).

Article from Techtruster


Viborg Kommune wrote a short article about VR Rehab at the yearly Animated Health conference (in Danish).

LinkedIn article from Viborg municipality


A blog on Medium made by Paula from VR Rehab on how we found our purpose with VR and rehabilitation.

Medium blog


DK4 and Ældre- og Handicapforvaltningen have produced a video about IT-renewal in Aalborg. VR Rehab is a part of that IT- renewal.

Video about IT-renewal and VR Rehab


VR Rehab as a part of Patient@home.

CoLab announcement


Virtual Reality Rehabilitation wins innovation prize 2017

VIA University College press announcement


Virtual Reality (VR) is fun for everyone.

Short article on the webpage

Recent Publications on VR Rehabilitation

Publications concerning VR rehabilitation released during this year!



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