The future of rehabilitation starts with us!

Virtual Reality Training


A new direction towards optimizing rehabilitation is the use of Virtual Reality.


Whether it serves as exposure therapy or as a physical exercising enhancer, VR can be described as an environment simulator that transports a person in a 3D world where they can interact with different objects.



VR therapy can offer a range of advantages:

  • Complete control over the stimulations
  • Reliable records of patients’ performance
  • Safe learning environments
  • Individualised treatment
  • Increased motivation by introducing “gaming” in the rehabilitation process.

VR Rehab Platform


Our platform includes VR hardware, VR software, and all the necessary services around it to ensure the best VR rehabilitation. All of our solutions have been developed with a user-centered approach involving physiotherapists and occupational therapists.




Why VR Rehab?



Improving upper limbs motor functions with 12,4% compared to conventional rehabilitation.





Increases patients' motivation by simulating living independently in an error-free environment customized based on patients' abilities.





Assessment based on real-time physical measurements. Each session available with remote access.





After 4 years of research, development and testing we have discovered the most optimal solution for VR rehabilitation.


Our first VR application: VirKit is currently implemented and running daily with clinicians and patients in two rehabilitation clinics in Denmark:

Mou Rehabilitation Center in Aalborg and Neurorehabilitation Department from Hospital South West Jutland in Grindsted.


  • Designed and developed with over 40 therapists.
  • Designed and tested with over 80 patients.
  • Based on conventional rehabilitation methods.
  • Data extraction integrated with Patient Journal Systems.
  • Plug&Play hardware and software solutions.

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