We are developing virtual reality software for rehabilitation. The aim of our product is to assist and stimulate cognitive and physical rehabilitation through immersive, interactive and innovative technology. Our software is stimulating neuroplasticity in people who have suffered brain damage by supporting and providing intensive and repetitive training. We strive to change the practices of conventional rehabilitation by offering a standardized assessment plan and increasing patients ́ compliance. Our software is currently employed in the neurorehabilitation section of Southwest Jutland hospital in Grindsted and in Mou Rehabilitation Center, Aalborg. A demo version is displayed for showcase at the Center for Welfare Technologies in Aalborg, Denmark.

We believe in healing!


1. Coordinating

Solutions designed based on well-known, reliable and validated methods of conventional rehabilitation. Digitalized assessment methods combined with precise physical measurements

2. Monitoring

Solutions designed for precise and accurate assessment based on real-time physical measurements. Assessment of each session available with remote access to the clinicians

3. Stimulation

Solutions designed to increase patients ́ motivation for intensive training by using gamification principles. Research showed that increased compliance results in superior outcome

4. Adaptable

Solutions designed to adjust according to the patients ́ physical and cognitive capabilities. Moreover, our solutions are compatible with a wide variety of VR technologies

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